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Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

(10 customer reviews)


Chocolate Bars 12 Chocolate bars, 25 Chocolate bars, 3 Chocolate bars, 6 Chocolate bars


Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

Have You Tried the Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar?

If you like chocolate bars, then you’ll love the new Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar! This new candy bar from Hershey’s offers just the right amount of chocolate-to-cookie ratio to keep your taste buds happy without overwhelming them with sweetness or waxy aftertaste. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to enjoy but offers plenty of chocolate flavor, the Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar is worth trying! With this candy bar in your lunchbox or purse, you’ll always have something tasty to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go!


The cool packaging
Great design is a critical aspect of marketing, and if a product looks and feels good, it gives shoppers an instant impression of quality. But when it comes to chocolate bars, there’s one key element that is easy to overlook: packaging. While brand names and other design elements are essential in creating a memorable experience for customers, they aren’t as important as how a bar looks.

It feels like you’re eating a candy bar

The chocolate bar’s packaging, as well as its flip-top/flip-bottom, makes it look like a normal chocolate bar that we all know and love. After unwrapping it and pulling up on either side of its flip lid, you feel like you’re opening a new candy bar…and then (then!) pulling off two plastic wrappers before getting to what looks just like another normal chocolate bar.

There’s something addicting about it

The Trippy Flip is coated in a crispy rice layer, encasing a smooth and creamy milk chocolate center. The bar gets its name from two small bumps on each side that makes it easy to pick up with your hands or a spoon. What could be more satisfying than having a single piece of chocolate and two separate bites, each full of its own unique flavor combination?

The best type of milk chocolate

When it comes to milk chocolate, there are two main options for U.S. consumers: regular milk chocolate and white chocolate. Regular milk chocolate contains cocoa butter, which comes from cacao (also known as cocoa), making it actually a type of dark chocolate, though one that is produced with all of its natural cocoa solids removed. This makes it legal to be called milk—but most people know not to get too excited about a product simply because of its name.

The perfect gift for a birthday party!

The bars are sold in packs of 10, so you can give one to each of your friends on their birthday! The bars contain a unique color combination; green, red and blue that together gives off a purple hue. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary that isn’t going to break your bank then grab yourself some trippy flip chocolate!

I love how Instagrammable it is.

When something is truly cute, it’s really easy to fall in love with it. When something is hip, trendy, and other people are Instagramming it—it’s even easier. If you’re trying to launch a new product, consider how easily users can share it with friends and family. Have you considered how your product may be promoted on Instagram or Pinterest? Can customers easily post pictures of your items online?


12 Chocolate bars, 25 Chocolate bars, 3 Chocolate bars, 6 Chocolate bars

10 reviews for Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

  1. Jelly tastic

    Incredible quality and fast shipping considering current events. Even the communication was stellar! Send big hugs and thanks again!

  2. Chase

    Loved my stickers thank you so much!

  3. Eric jones

    I had good taste. Gave me energy! Do not take at night, might not sleep as well.

  4. Anand deo

    Great item super pacifier

  5. Lea Michele

    Ships quickly, loving the design and quality. I haven’t started using the mold yet. looking to spread endless goodness of chocolate love 🙂

  6. Roberto

    Purchased as a gift. Exactly as described. Chocolate came out easier than other molds purchased. Will buy again in the future.

  7. Tomrox Hermosillo

    I love the article it’s great

  8. Evans rook

    Good shipping time – good quality product. Thanks a lot!

  9. Frederic leroy

    Again with pleasure!

  10. Sandra

    It’s honestly so delicious and addictive, I think I’ve had like 3 a day so far, a wonderful product and will be buying again!

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