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Cap Up Chocolate Bar

(16 customer reviews)


Chocolate Bars 12 Chocolate bars, 25 Chocolate bars, 3 Chocolate bars, 6 Chocolate bars

The Cap Up Chocolate Bar: A Delicious Treat for Chocolate Lovers

If you’re looking for a delicious chocolate bar that you can enjoy time and time again, then look no further than the Cap Up Chocolate Bar. Made with only high-quality ingredients, this bar has an exquisite chocolate taste that satisfies your cravings while also keeping your health in mind. It’s everything you’d want in a delicious treat and more!

What is the Cap Up Chocolate Bar?

The Cap Up Chocolate Bar is a delicious treat for chocolate lovers. Its quality ingredients and non-GMO labeling ensure that it tastes just as good as it is good for you. It’s low in sugar, high in protein, and completely gluten-free! Now you can enjoy your favorite chocolatey goodness without any of those pesky guilt pangs!

How Does the Cap Up Chocolate Bar Work?

The revolutionary Cap Up Chocolate Bar uses a suction process to seal your lips shut, helping you to savor every last bit of flavor from each bite. By keeping your mouth closed around each piece of chocolate, you allow taste buds to enjoy chocolate without feeling like it’s about to slip down your throat and get away.

What Is the Price of Each Item?

The very first thing you need to do is determine what you should charge for your chocolate bars. The price of each chocolate bar depends on several factors including ingredients, packaging and weight. For example, if a popular ingredient in your region costs $1 per pound, you might have to charge more than double that amount for international delivery if it’s not readily available where your customers live.

Where Can I Buy These Items?

The most frequently asked question that I get from people interested in buying The Cap Up is Where can I buy these products? The answer to that question is simple. Simply visit my website, click on Products and you will see an image of each product followed by their retail price. If you want to buy one or more of our great products, simply click on each one and a new page will appear allowing you to choose how many you would like.

Final Thoughts on the Product

The Cap Up chocolate bar is a revolutionary product that will certainly have you wanting more. Its healthy ingredients allow you to snack on it without feeling guilty and tasting so delicious, you won’t be able to stop yourself from having another one (and another one). If you want to get your hands on some, order online today.


12 Chocolate bars, 25 Chocolate bars, 3 Chocolate bars, 6 Chocolate bars

16 reviews for Cap Up Chocolate Bar

  1. esbjerg

    These are F’ing amazing me and my buddy ate 2 each they hit so fast and I highly suggest being in nature. The next day no gross hangover, but people who have not tripped please refer to dose chart. I really can’t say much more super clean and visual.

  2. Bim

    In my honest opinion, I consumed a whole Chocolate Bar (3.5 grams of goodies) at about 730 pm, not even roughly 10 minutes later I was already starting to feel the effects, and I’m a pretty common user, so that goes to show you. Anyways, the trip was a great experience lots of learning, the peak for me happened about an hour in or so, I don’t tend to get visuals often when I do consume shroomies, but this time they were very there and I loved it!! Lots of thoughtful ideas. I would recommend to anybody to give them a try, however if you’re not used to the psych experience quite yet maybe hold off on eating the whole bar! It’s very intense!!! Only one down side; the trip doesn’t last very long! Although some may see that as a good thing, it was such a great trip I wished it lasted longer then 4 hours ish.

  3. Johnson

    I had my first trip experience with the One Up bar with two of my best friends and I have never had a better day. I split half of it with one of them while the other took mushrooms and tripped for like 5 hours. 10/10 experience definitely recommend to first time users because there’s a dosage chart on the back of the bar and spend time in nature, the visuals are amazing.

  4. Christian

    This product is awesome. Hoping more in stock soon. I want to use it as a holiday stocking stuffer.

  5. Lock larbapom

    Bought the Cap Up Chocolate Bar” it landed safe I highly recommend

  6. Eric

    Dan I was REALLY skeptical at first, to be honest. But that all changed once you let the One-Up Bar do it’s magic. Overall, great experience. Plus it has a nice dose chart on the back for referencing.

  7. Divadian

    This newest batch is FANTASTIC. Super potent and delicious, really great vibes. Can’t say enough good things about these chocolates!

  8. Malourish

    Definitely do not think these are worth it. In california these are 50bucks tops. Maybe at that price point it’s worth it but you’d have to eat 2/3 of the bar just to have a good trip(standard dose of 2-3g) what’s left is only enough for a micro dose. Basically it gets ridiculous when your paying soo much and it wasn’t good enough for me to drop the cash more than once. West Coast is obviously more reasonably priced for the exact same bar.

  9. abekat

    Wow this bar is absolutely amazing. My old lady and I took four pieces each and we had ourselves a great night. Clean high throughout and no groggy comedown. Watched cartoons and saw color shifting visuals it was great. Absolutely amazing =D

  10. James

    Really convenient. I was a bit worried but everything worked out smoothly and the products were great.

  11. Mandilorrine

    Tried these for the first time today & we love them! The perfect amount of chocolate & biscuit. Will buy again!

  12. Jamak onel

    AyahuascaUpbarsonlineshop Great Little Chocolate Treat
    Love these little chocolate treats. A few are just enough (for me anyway) to satisfy a chocolate craving without all the calories and sugar.

  13. Rora moss

    Wow These are so good I love these! I eat them all the time! I love chocolate biscuits anything! I love mushrooms so I love how these are mushrooms! So cute!

  14. Valler glen

    fun so unique so delicious
    What a fascinating find for my daughters woodland fairy party! I was so happy to send little girls off with amazing chocorooms! Not your everyday treat, thank you for getting to me so fast and on time for the party!Less

  15. Rosita

    AyahuascaUpbarsonlineshop This has and will forever be my favorite sweet snack. It’s the perfect combination.

  16. Glan venkly

    Seriously 😐 am obsessed.
    I had these years ago as a kid. Ever since I search every store I walk into. I love them.

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